Case Study- Sarah L. Owner/ Interior Designer at Bay Gold Staging & Design

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chelsea on a couple of different property listings as a stager and have always been super impressed with her work ethic, knowledge, and communication skills. All of the properties we have worked on together went into contract in just 2 days (LITERALLY 2 DAYS) and her clients are always super impressed and happy with the outcome. Chelsea is kind, courteous, and always a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend KB Properties to close friends and family any day!

Case Study: Amy Henry

“Chelsea and Adam were absolutely fantastic through the whole process of selling our deceased father’s house. As first-time sellers going through an emotional sale, we needed more support than your average sellers. My sister and I immediately felt like we could trust Chelsea and Adam because of how well they explained all the steps that go into selling a house and their plan for selling ours, and because of their kindness and sensitivity. They are true Sebastopolians and clearly knew the area and market well. They gave us ambitious but realistic estimates of how much they thought the house would sell for, and Chelsea showed us (in person!) many of the comparable properties on the market. The staging was just what we wanted – the stager and landscaper that Chelsea brought in gave us advice that absolutely gave us the most bang for our buck and made the house look beautiful. The photographs, fliers and other advertising were all polished and represented the house well, and their open houses generated multiple offers on more than one weekend. When offers came in and we got stressed, Chelsea and Adam walked us through the process and advised us beautifully, and we wound up accepting an offer well above our asking price. Chelsea went above and beyond helping us clear out the house so that the only hard part was saying goodbye to a home we knew would be loved. At the end of it all, we couldn’t be happier with the process. Chelsea and Adam are both wonderful people, talented agents, and we highly recommend them, as clients and as new friends.”

-Amy  Henry

Case Study: Greg & Alaina Cox

We recently worked with Chelsea and Adam from KB Properties to purchase our 1st home. The entire experience was overwhelmingly positive. 

Chelsea has incredible knowledge of the various cities and neighborhoods within Sonoma County. We enjoyed exploring new neighborhoods and locations with her.  On top of all the stress of purchasing a new home, we had a baby on the way which made for a tight deadline.  Chelsea kept it fun and helped us to find a perfect home for our growing family.  We couldn’t be happier with our home.

Such a great experience, we highly recommend KB Properties!

-Greg & Alaina Cox

Case Study: Christopher Melville and Molly Tichenor

“Chelsea really went the extra mile for us, and respected a difficult set of wishes and criteria, in an even more challenging

market.  She is a master multi tasker and always responded promptly and personally.  She is down to earth, savvy and
money smart when it comes to negotiations, and wielded the appropriate social grease when necessary with potential sellers
(even when we forgot to)!  Chelsea could run for office!  It took a lot of patience to take our case, and she ended up
sticking it out.    Chelsea seems to know many in the business, and as one realtor we met said “she’s got her thumb on the
market”.    Chelsea went as far as finding us plumbing contacts and floor people, who could jump right in on our move in
schedule, giving us a few rescues.  She left us with gifts she didn’t have to, among them sending a portion of the
commission to a non-profit of our choice.  As newbies to the process, we never felt put down for having lingo questions, and
could breathe when she could throw in a sense of humour.  This was truly a learning process and we needed the support!
We really felt like we got the best realtor in the county!”
– Christopher Melville and Molly Tichenor


Case Study: Shelley

“I could not be happier with KB Properties and my real estate agent Chelsea Wiecek.  I have both listed and bought properties through Chelsea and she is truly knowledgeable and organized.  This was my first time buying a property on my own and Chelsea made the transaction smooth and easy.

Chelsea walked me through every step, answered every question and concern with true professionalism and human understanding.

Chelsea listened to me and was great with returning phone calls, texts and email communication whichever was more efficient for my busy schedule.  I never felt pressured or rushed during the various stages of the home purchase.

My most impressed part about Chelsea is that she left me feeling like I was always her top priority.”

Case Study: Michelle and Zach

Sebastopol Real Estate AgentMichelle and Zach were searching for a home for their family in Sebastopol. They had been looking forover a year.  Chelsea worked very closely with Michelle, guiding and mentoring her through the long process. When the right property came along, Chelsea helped Michelle and Zach secure the home of their dreams.

“Finding the right house, as it turns out, is a very emotionally draining process. If you are lucky you will be mentored and guided through the journey by someone as honest, industrious, experienced and lovely as Chelsea Weicek. If you are blessed with the opportunity to work with Chelsea, you will also be rewarded with THE house. The house you were meant to find all along, the one you were always hoping for, no compromises, no lowered expectations. My family spent over a year house hunting with Chelsea, often with our children in tow, and she never tired of working on our behalf. She also often deftly entertained our kids so we could walk without distraction through potential acquisitions. During the last year my family was hunting for property the real estate market was brutal. The inventory was minimal and it was not unusual for there to be 12 offers on a house, sometimes 100% cash, and always way over asking price.

In this type of financial climate, your only hope of getting the house you want is to align yourself with someone who is willing to fight for you but also has the professional integrity and finesse that Chelsea does. Before we went into escrow on our house, the seller’s agent blatantly told me that she was impressed with Chelsea’s friendly diligence. I learned a lot about the real estate game over the last year and perhaps the greatest lesson of them all is that it really matters who you pick to represent your family.

Agents want to work with other agents that are true to their word and can serve as reliable and intelligent liaisons to help the escrow process go smoothly. Chelsea helped represent our interests with impeccable manners and as a result the buyers and sellers have exchanged some lovely cards in earnest appreciation of one another. Money can really bring out the worst in a lot of people, but Chelsea knows how to get the job done and remain polite in the pursuit. I really appreciated that about her. She also really values her family and that transfers over into genuine joy for others who find the perfect house for their own family to live in together in and build their dreams from. 

I should also highlight that Chelsea and her partner Adam donate 5% of their commission profits to a charity of your choice and as a result I was able to donate to my children’s school. It’s just that sort of commitment to the community that makes KB properties really stand out in what can feel like a cut throat environment. My 7 year old says,” Thank you Chelsea for helping us find such a nice house to live in!” and she’s the toughest customer I’ve ever met!”

- Michelle, December 2013

Case Study: Jessica and Simon

Sonoma County Real EstateSimon and Jessica were looking for a second home in Sebastopol. They were new to the area and the real estate market in Sonoma County. Chelsea took a proactive approach and took the time to educate them on the market. As soon as they found the home that fit their needs, Chelsea played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth transaction.


“My husband and I recently worked with Chelsea on buying a second home in Sebastopol, Ca. Having never been to Sebastopol before, we were completely new to the area and the real estate market there. Chelsea immediately took us under her wing and was very proactive in educating us about the areas. She took time in driving us around the different parts of Sebastopol, pointing out the wineries, shops, restaurants, and neighborhood areas until we were comfortable making a decision on where to look for our new home. I have to say, she “got us” from the first time we met, and really understood what we were looking for. She never wasted our time showing us houses that did not fit our very specific criteria. We felt she was always very upfront and honest with us. For example, when we fell in love with one specific house, she researched it and came back to us and honestly suggested she felt we could find something better.

When we finally put an offer on a house, she had our back all the way through the negotiations. And when kinks came up along the way, she really went up to bat for us. We feel we were very well represented by Chelsea, and have since recommended her services to several of our friends. We vouch for her whole heartedly.”

– Jessica, October 2013

Case Study: Guy and Kristi

The amount owed on Guy and Kristi’s home loan resembled the value of their property a little too closely, putting the couple in a tight spot. Wishing to avoid a short sale, they turned to Adam and Chelsea, who were able to quickly access KB Properties’ network of professionals to help create valuable land design and staging. Combined with the brokers’ marketing efforts, Adam and Chelsea were able to sell the property in a very short time over the summer. Guy and Kristi did not have to incur any additional debt by selling their home.


“Chelsea and Adam are so wonderful to work with! Through each stage of the selling process, we collaborated together and met with success…Through their leadership, we were able to envision, create and accomplish our goals! Chelsea and Adam  come to the table with an honest and professional approach to the market, and their teamwork and knowledge give them an edge that is required in todays market. I wholeheartedly recommend them for your next purchase or sale!”

-Kristi Mccullough

Case Study: Kate Wilcox and Michael Bowman

Michael and Kate were searching the hills near San Francisco for a commute-friendly home with beauty, charm and culture. Adam and Chelsea of KB Properties worked diligently and found their clients’ fit within a few months; helping navigate negotiations, bids and the process of buying a foreclosed home. Michael and Kate closed escrow in less than 30 days.


“Working with Chelsea was a fantastic experience. She and her business partner Adam were not only, extremely professional, but also had an in depth knowledge of the foreclosure market. Chelsea spent an exceptional amount of time working one on one with my wife and me. She truly listened and asked questions to determine our home purchase criteria. Once she grasped the “broad strokes” of our vision of the perfect home, she continued to “fine tune” our search. We quickly found our home with Chelsea ’s guidance. Chelsea was also instrumental in guiding us in regards to our closing procedures. We were able to go from signed offer to keys in hand in 21 days. In today’s foreclosure market a 21-day close would have been impossible without an expert at the helm.

Thanks for the great experience and helping us find our dream house!!!”

– Michael & Kate

Case Study: Dr. Jack Sandler and Linda Block

Sonoma County was calling to Jack and Linda, who wished to relocate for the area’s great schools, wonderful activities and close proximity to friends. Working with KB Properties, the couple found their home after only a few visits. Adam and Chelsea took photos and videos for property previews and eased transactions with inspectors and improvement bids with clear communication. A quick close on their escrow and Jack and Linda were ready to move in.


“Chelsea and her partner Adam Goldberg made themselves available whenever we needed them.  They have a seamless partnership that was truly an asset to us. They were helpful every step of the way.  I flew out only one time to confirm we found the right house.  Chelsea knew the neighborhoods and market well; she found out when homes were listed immediately or before they went on the market.  And, she knew if it fit with our taste and specifications.

Chelsea continued to excel throughout the process of making offers, negotiating, and making sure everything was set up for escrow.  She did not miss a beat and was on top of every aspect of our home purchase.  I continually thought about how much more stressful the process would have been without Chelsea and Adam and KB Properties on our team.”

– Linda block