Case Study: Christopher Melville and Molly Tichenor

“Chelsea really went the extra mile for us, and respected a difficult set of wishes and criteria, in an even more challenging

market.  She is a master multi tasker and always responded promptly and personally.  She is down to earth, savvy and
money smart when it comes to negotiations, and wielded the appropriate social grease when necessary with potential sellers
(even when we forgot to)!  Chelsea could run for office!  It took a lot of patience to take our case, and she ended up
sticking it out.    Chelsea seems to know many in the business, and as one realtor we met said “she’s got her thumb on the
market”.    Chelsea went as far as finding us plumbing contacts and floor people, who could jump right in on our move in
schedule, giving us a few rescues.  She left us with gifts she didn’t have to, among them sending a portion of the
commission to a non-profit of our choice.  As newbies to the process, we never felt put down for having lingo questions, and
could breathe when she could throw in a sense of humour.  This was truly a learning process and we needed the support!
We really felt like we got the best realtor in the county!”
– Christopher Melville and Molly Tichenor