Case Study: Michelle and Zach

Sebastopol Real Estate AgentMichelle and Zach were searching for a home for their family in Sebastopol. They had been looking forover a year.  Chelsea worked very closely with Michelle, guiding and mentoring her through the long process. When the right property came along, Chelsea helped Michelle and Zach secure the home of their dreams.

“Finding the right house, as it turns out, is a very emotionally draining process. If you are lucky you will be mentored and guided through the journey by someone as honest, industrious, experienced and lovely as Chelsea Weicek. If you are blessed with the opportunity to work with Chelsea, you will also be rewarded with THE house. The house you were meant to find all along, the one you were always hoping for, no compromises, no lowered expectations. My family spent over a year house hunting with Chelsea, often with our children in tow, and she never tired of working on our behalf. She also often deftly entertained our kids so we could walk without distraction through potential acquisitions. During the last year my family was hunting for property the real estate market was brutal. The inventory was minimal and it was not unusual for there to be 12 offers on a house, sometimes 100% cash, and always way over asking price.

In this type of financial climate, your only hope of getting the house you want is to align yourself with someone who is willing to fight for you but also has the professional integrity and finesse that Chelsea does. Before we went into escrow on our house, the seller’s agent blatantly told me that she was impressed with Chelsea’s friendly diligence. I learned a lot about the real estate game over the last year and perhaps the greatest lesson of them all is that it really matters who you pick to represent your family.

Agents want to work with other agents that are true to their word and can serve as reliable and intelligent liaisons to help the escrow process go smoothly. Chelsea helped represent our interests with impeccable manners and as a result the buyers and sellers have exchanged some lovely cards in earnest appreciation of one another. Money can really bring out the worst in a lot of people, but Chelsea knows how to get the job done and remain polite in the pursuit. I really appreciated that about her. She also really values her family and that transfers over into genuine joy for others who find the perfect house for their own family to live in together in and build their dreams from. 

I should also highlight that Chelsea and her partner Adam donate 5% of their commission profits to a charity of your choice and as a result I was able to donate to my children’s school. It’s just that sort of commitment to the community that makes KB properties really stand out in what can feel like a cut throat environment. My 7 year old says,” Thank you Chelsea for helping us find such a nice house to live in!” and she’s the toughest customer I’ve ever met!”

- Michelle, December 2013