Case Study: Guy and Kristi

The amount owed on Guy and Kristi’s home loan resembled the value of their property a little too closely, putting the couple in a tight spot. Wishing to avoid a short sale, they turned to Adam and Chelsea, who were able to quickly access KB Properties’ network of professionals to help create valuable land design and staging. Combined with the brokers’ marketing efforts, Adam and Chelsea were able to sell the property in a very short time over the summer. Guy and Kristi did not have to incur any additional debt by selling their home.


“Chelsea and Adam are so wonderful to work with! Through each stage of the selling process, we collaborated together and met with success…Through their leadership, we were able to envision, create and accomplish our goals! Chelsea and Adam  come to the table with an honest and professional approach to the market, and their teamwork and knowledge give them an edge that is required in todays market. I wholeheartedly recommend them for your next purchase or sale!”

-Kristi Mccullough